Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Bubblyminty: Interview and Photoshoot

Z: Hey Jenny! Congratulations on becoming January's Socialite of the Month. Could you sum yourself up in 3 words for those who may not know you?

J: Hm three words? Is that all?! Well humourous, bubbly and intelligent.

Z: Indeed conciseness is a skill, Miss Jenny ;) Tell us, When and how did you discover Stardoll?

J: Well it all started off when I was about thirteenish or something? i cannot remember but me and one of my friend's were obsessed with fashion and celebrites at the time (still fashion but not so much celebs) and she told me about Stardoll. So once I got home I googled it and I fell in love with dressing up dolls haha! I soon got my own account and...well that is it.

Z: Do you and your medoll have any similarities such as style?

J: Hm, as far as I am concerned I do not dress like my medoll in real-life! I wish I did, but I would look rather strange and too extravagant- walking down the street in full-length dresses! I do not have as many expensive designer clothes that I have on Stardoll...I wish :D. I love wearing belts, I will always have a belt on my medoll and in everyday life.
Well my medoll is quite similar to me. I like neutral eye-makeup and flawless skin, I always put on mascara to enhance my eyes, I barely have any lashes. Rouge is also a must too, I love the healthy glow it gives to my face.

Z: You may not have many designer clothes in reality, but I am sure you are an admirer of many designers. Who are your favourite fashion designers right now?

J: Yes I am, I really like designer pieces, they seem more ostenatious then "normal" pieces. I have always loved Louis Vuitton handbags and always wills. Right now I am really liking Sonia Rykiel, her pieces seem "wearable" in veryday life and still stand out.

Z: On the topic of fashion, do you have any fashion icons?

J: Well there are many icons such as Kate Moss and Agyness Deyn but they are not the people that I look up to. I really admire Audrey Hepburn's timeless and forever chic fashion style, I adore her elegance and her flair- her sharp suits and her modest dresses. Her beauty is also breath-taking. One of the biggest things that I really like her for is her charity work she has done during her life and she will always be remembered for these things.

Z: Very true! If you had to choose only 5 items to have in your closet forever, what would they be?

J: My Louis Vuitton handbag (I would have a hard choice picking which one haha!), my black mini-skirt, a pair of high-heeled boots, a floral dress and that evil monkey in the corner...

Z: What's an outfit without an evil monkey, right?
As the Socialite of the Month, tell us, what is your favourite thing about The Social Group?

J: Muahaha yeah :). I really like talking to all the fabulous people there, everyone is so nice and...well sociable!

Z: You also write for the popular blog, Medoll Memoires. How did this opportunity arise?

J: Yep I do, and I am really grateful for the fact I do. I think that the blog is fabulous!
It was a while ago and I was chatting to Noelle, I suggested that she should revive her blog and she was thinking about it. Noelle then offered me to write for it...and how could I resist?!

Z: That's true. Now, to finish up, do you have any words of wisedom for the socialites of The Social Group?

J: For the dear socialites, I think that the best piece of advice is to be yourself. It may sound so cliche and I am sure that we have all heard people to "be ourselves". It take confidence to feel happy in your own skin, and that is one of the best qualities one can actually have in my opinion. A little kindness gets you a long way too- and stay sociable of course!

Thanks Jenny! Enjoy your remaining time being The Social Group's fabulous Socialite of the Month and now, your stunning photoshoot...

Until next time